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Introducing The Legend of Quetzalcoatl.

A “listen and read-along” adventure for kids so compelling that it received the Mom’s Choice Awards for excellence and family friendly media.

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If you are a fan of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, your family will love the adventures of Quetzalcoatl.”

— Christopher Dalley —


What the Critics Say

Moms and Dads know what they’re talking about

  • From the moment we began listening to the story, I knew it was special. The musical score and the character’s voices captured my attention and the attention of my 10-year-old son who is hearing impaired. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story in the car and looked forward to hearing more each time we went somewhere. I was especially touched by the deep meaning the story shares. The Tales of Davy Jones is a must listen for every family!

    — Dawn Weidauer —
  • The minute we heard the full orchestra start to play, my restless kids went silent. When we finally got home, they didn’t want to get out of the car. They wanted to stay and listen to the end. I told them it would take a couple of or car trips before we could finish it. You would have thought I had told them they’d never get dessert again…for the rest of their lives. They kept asking when they would be able to finish the story. So far, we have listened to Quetzalcoatl more times then I can count. They love it!

    — Angela Glunt —
  • My kids love to listen to Quetzalcoatl. They started listening at bedtime, but now listen during their playtime hours and on road trips. The story is great, and they want more.

    — Christopher Dalley —
  • WOW! Quetzalcoatl was an instant hit with my family. We have listened to it time and time again. Absolutely love it! We bought several additional copies as gifts. Quetzalcoatl is definitely a classic in our home.

    — Laura Morrison —

Hear For Yourself

Fun and interesting numbers found in The Legend of Quetzalcoatl

Sea Creatures
Ancient Artifacts
Pieces of Gold
Good Leg

The Legend of Quetzalcoatl

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Tales of Davy Jones – Quetzalcoatl      EPISODE 1
An unlikely young hero must rescue a legendary sea dragon – battle the bullies of the island – find hidden treasure – and save his family .


“This Christian tale does a wonderful job of teaching love and hope.”
               – School Library Journal Review

“Quetzalcoatl is a A RISING STAR!”
               – NAPPA (National Association of Parenting Publications)

Featured in “Kidsville News” reaching 750,000 kids in classrooms in 24 states.

“So much better than video games – your kids will actually use their imaginations for a change.”
                – Ronda Gundestrup

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About the Author

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Carl Gundestrup, a free-lance filmmaker, has lived in Riverton, Utah since 1978. Married to his lovely wife Ronda Lee, they have four wonderful children; Christian Mckay, Garrett Spencer, Catherine Elise, and Kimberly Anne. He loves playing basketball, going fishing, and being with children. Many of his award winning scripts and stories began as “bedtime” stories for his kids.


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