If you liked the Lion, the Witch, the Wardrobe, you will love Quetzalcoatl.
Chris Dalley

This Christian tale does a wonderful job of teaching love and hope.
School Library Journal Review

Angela Glunt familyMy kids get so excited when I tell them about your new books and projects you are working on. You have become such an inspiration to them. Orion has begun writing short stories all on his own. This is huge for a 10-year-old with ADHD and Autism. Getting his thoughts from his head down on paper or computer is a HUGE step.
Angela Glunt.

Quetzalcoatl” is the recipient of the prestigious “MOM’S CHOICE AWARD” for excellence in family friendly media.

“Quetzalcoatl” is currently playing on the world’s 6th largest airline Lufthansa & also Cathay Pacific Airline as in-flight entertainment.

“Quetzalcoatl” was featured in Kidsville News 2011-12 (Kidsville News reaches 750,000 children in classrooms in 24 states.)