Why is your hero, a boy with a disability?

boy on deckWhy is your hero, a boy with a disability?

I’ve been asked by I would write about a boy who has a disability? I really like the term dis – ability. Who does NOT have a Dis – Ability. I hate math. Perhaps the most valuable class I took in college was the math class I needed to graduate. When I finally had to attack math I learned that I wasn’t stupid… ok… not as stupid as I thought. I just needed to study and apply myself. Disability… or weakness that can be improved?

I believe that if we are not careful, we can label people… especially children and make them think they cannot do certain things. “They” said in grade school I’d never play basketball in Junior High. In Junior High “They” said I’d never play high school ball. In High School “They” said I’d never play college ball. …“They” were wrong at every level.

According to the laws of Aerodynamics the bumblebee is incapable of flight. Its wings are too small and it’s body to big. Fortunately bumblebees don’t pay a lot of attention to what “Scientists” label them.

We all have things we’re good at and things we’re not good at. DISABILITY? So… at what point do you say you “CAN’T DO THAT”

The world is filled with people with “Disabilities” that are anything but disabled. In “Quetzalcoatl” Garrett only has 1 leg. But he races the bully of the island on crutches and would have beaten him if Toby had not cheated and kicked his crutch. I had a nephew who broke both legs and was on crutches for months. He could fly. You did not want to race him because… a boy with tremendous experience on crutches was faster than a lot of people with 2 good legs.

In Quetzalcoatl Garrett Spencer wanted to play baseball more than anything else. Not possible? Check out Adam Bender.



“Education” is the process of giving a student a “Problem” or series of “Problems”. I believe that God placed us on this earth to be “Educated”.